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What is chiropractic

Chiropractic is a health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of mechanical problems with joints and muscles, particularly related to musculoskeletal conditions of the spine.

Chiropractors work on many parts of the body, concentrating particularly on the spine, using their hands to perform skilled, precise manipulation or ‘adjustments’, often supplemented by massage and stretching. Improving mobility and function in this way helps to reduce the strain on the damaged tissues, helping them to repair more quickly and effectively, and so reducing pain.

Chiropractors provide an individual 'package of care' whereby they support their treatment with a range of other techniques as well as advice about the patient's lifestyle, work and exercise in order to help in managing the condition and preventing a recurrence of the problem. Chiropractors provide care for patients of all ages, who present with a range of acute and chronic conditions.

The effectiveness of chiropractic treatment is supported by research as well as by various UK government and medical organisations.

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Chiropractic training

All of our chiropractors have undergone a minimum of a four-year, fulltime, degree course. Studies include the medical sciences, clinical diagnostic skills, orthopaedic and neurological testing, taking and reading of x-rays. They are also trained to have a complete repertoire of chiropractic treatment techniques to suit the varied needs of patients and treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions.


Soon after graduation, Chiropractors follow a postgraduate training scheme (PRT), which provides the framework for a period of postgraduate training and professional development.


The Chiropractor's learning continues throughout his/her professional career. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is now a statutory requirement, monitored by the General Chiropractic Council.

Statutory regulation of chiropractic

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) is a UK-wide statutory body with regulatory powers, established by the Chiropractors Act 1994. It has three main duties:

  • To protect the public by establishing and operating a scheme of statutory regulation for chiropractors, similar to the arrangements that cover other health professionals

  • To set the standards of chiropractic education, practice and conduct

  • To ensure the development of the profession of chiropractic, using a model of continuous improvement in practice


Since June 2001 the title of 'chiropractor' has been protected by law and it is a criminal offence for anyone to describe themselves as any sort of chiropractor without being registered with the GCC.

For more detail, please visit the GCC Website.

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