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Low back pain

Back pain affects almost everyone at some time, causing restricted movement and untold misery, stress and discomfort.

It also causes millions of people to take valuable time off work, costing companies enormous sums in sick pay and lost


What causes back pain?

  • lifting or carrying heavy weights

  • poor posture

  • unsuitable seats or beds

  • stress

  • pregnancy

  • general 'wear and tear'


Chiropractic manipulation has been recognised as being effective in treating back pain. 

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published guidelines in 2009 to improve the early management of persistent non-specific low-back pain. The guidelines recommend what care and advice the NHS should offer to people affected by low-back pain. NICE assessed the effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness of available treatments and one recommendation is to offer a course of manual therapy, including spinal manipulation, spinal mobilisation and massage. This treatment may be provided by a range of health professionals, including chiropractors. 

Chiropractors are trained to identify and treat the specific cause of your back pain, and once you have been treated, they may also advise you on an appropriate rehabilitation and maintenance exercise plan to prevent a recurrence.

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